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Project Management

retail, restaurant, office, and general commercial

Construction work planning


Pre-construction is a vital part of the construction process. EGC offers our assistance in:

Site selection

Value engineering

Accurate estimation

Pre-lease review


We believe a complete pre-construction analysis is imperative for the success of the finished project. Through this process we can identify potential problems, oversights, and have a thorough understanding of the scope of work to help avoid unforeseen delays and costs.



This is where the “Rubber hits the road”. EGC specializes in orchestrating a clean, organized project from start to finish through thorough communication and coordination with our network of sub-contractors and vendors with our #1 GOAL...


EGC strives to maintain happy cliental. We want to build your first project, and your last. We facilitate all the requirements for completing the required inspections through the appropriate governing body. EGC offers Superintendents that self-perform many tasks throughout the project. This results in a more predictable schedule and tightly managed project.

Construction Worker
Partnership, handshake and collaboration of engineer in office for contract, deal or onboa


EGC’s services do not stop when the project is completed. Aside from always fulfilling any warranty needs and providing the required close-out documents post completion, we also can assist in facilitating maintenance needs and service through our network of subcontractors. These Services vary from swapping out equipment, water-heater replacement, painting touch-ups, furniture/millwork replacement/repairs, remediation/restoration, and more.. 

Whatever your need is, EGC is here to help!

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